Regenes Lift

Regenes Lift: Your Ticket to Looking Younger

Remember those days when you could easily look into the mirror without feeling a sense of discontentment and discomfort, when you perhaps didn’t need layers and layers of foundation, concealer and powder to give your skin a pore-less, tighter, refined look? If you are nodding in agreement, because recently you have found your skin to lose the radiance it once had and it looks sagging and filled with lines and crevices, then it is time for you to act. And act now. Don’t let wrinkles and fine lines take over and wreck havoc on your skin.

While you find yourself sighing over the glossy pictures of celebrities grazing various magazines, looking flawless even over fifty, you can too. You might cringe at the cost of cosmetic surgeries or botox, but you have to understand that there are other forms of treatments available. Regenes lift proves to be a simple solution in taking care of your wrinkles, giving it a smoother appearance. Regenes lift restores the appearance of the skin within a matter of few weeks. It improves and energises the level of collagen production thus eliminating wrinkles.

How to use regenes lift:

Wash your entire face and neck with water.

Apply the regenes lift anti aging cream, evenly all over your face and neck.

Massage gently following upward strokes.

Apply everyday for visible and best results.

Ingredients of regenes lift:

Vitamin c: this is a powerful antioxidant which helps in replenishing the skin.

Vitamin e: it neutralises the free radicals and protects the skin against harm.

Minerals: it is formulated with various minerals that help in building a barrier against wrinkles and giving a smoother skin.

Peptides: collagen is the name of the structural protein found in the connective tissues. It comprises almost 75% of the skin. This is the major reason for the skin to appear youthful and vibrant. It makes the skin plum and healthy. This is present in regenes skin lift to eliminate wrinkles.

Antioxidants: antioxidants aid in protecting the skin against harmful free radicals, which cause the death of the skin cells. This is packed in regenes lift to restore balance to the skin.

Benefits of regenes lift:

It stimulates collagen: since collagen is the main reason behind maintaining the health of the skin and keeping wrinkles at bay, this powerful cream, helps in maintaining the flow of collagen and elastin. It thus makes the skin appear flawless and thwarts wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet etc.

It provides 24hours hydration: the skin starts looking dull once it is dehydrated and loses its natural radiance. Regenes lift helps in maintaining the natural ph balance of the skin. It keeps the skin soft and hydrated, locking in the moisture for 24 hours. This cream helps in strengthening your pores and keeps it healthy and smooth.

It reduces fine lines and wrinkles: the cream works on a cellular level, being loaded with peptides and repairs and replenishes the skin. It effectively eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look much younger. It even brightens the skin to dispel dark bags and blemishes.