Oxygenius skin care

Use OxyGenius and Revitalize your Skin Cells

In today’s age, it is very really essential to do appropriate skin care. We all live in such an environment that consists of increased contaminants and UV radiation. Nowadays, health conscious individuals are crazy to purchase natural skin care items since they are made of a lot of natural components and give more effective results.
Some people may say that beauty always fades, however you can modify that with OxyGenius. Such renewal serum will aid in rejuvenating your skin without having to experience any surgery. If you want to remove your facial wrinkles or eye wrinkles, you can use this product since it is clinically tested to reduce 80% of your wrinkles.
The intense cellular renewal cream consists of biotechnologically enhanced components to carry oxygen deep under the epidermal layer. As a result, while applying chamomilla, it relieves your skin and creates it very elastic with amino acid taken from natural wheat while giving pro-vitamins to build up skin’s nourishment. Your skin will really appreciate it for relieving it of the things it meets daily such as, pollution, dirty water, effects of aging and many more. By defending your skin quality with Oxygenius skin care you can enjoy many benefits.

Benefits of OxyGenius

  • Micro-oxygenating elements impart deeply to carry out treatment
  • Restores youthfulness and enhances elasticity
  • Improves and secures the natural moisturizing aspect
  • Diminishes and renovates photo-aging occurred due to sun damage
  • Guards against crinkles caused by glycation
  • Lessens darkness under-eyed circles, bump and crows’ feet
  • Blocks fine lines
  • Makes skin tone uniform
  • Makes skin glossy and smooth

Key Ingredients of OxyGenius

  • Chamomilla Recutita – It is a flower extract that gives a pleasant, natural fragrance and also gives hydration.
  • Cola Acuminata Seed Extraction – It is a natural nut extract that aids to prepare the skin quality.
  • Wheat Amino Acid – taken from natural wheat to defend and alleviate the skin.
  • Glyceryl Polymethacrylate – It helps to boost firmness and suppleness of skin while struggling against premature aging with its hydrating capacity.
  • Glycoproteins – It is a major constituent in restoring cells.
  • Elastin or Marine Collagen – It refills the connective tissue sustaining skin composition while working to intensely hydrate the skin for fit and tough body cells.
  • Panthenon – It is a skin moisturizer as well as conditioner.
  • Peptides – These are mini proteins, which help to go through the skin in order to renovate lost collagen and struggle against wrinkles.

What makes OxyGenius special?

It is a fact that daily elements of nature and our life may have a great impact on our look, face or skin from day to day. You might appear attractively youthful one day but in the next day you might look different. You may start seeing the unpleasant wrinkles occurring over your whole face. You do not have to be panic if Oxygenius skin care works on your skin. You can almost instantly start to perceive the development in the appearance of your undesirable wrinkles. Its formula is superior to the rest just because of the simple fact that it was made particularly to pierce the wrinkles and carries micro bubbles, which hydrate, refresh, and renovate the skins look and glow.