Nutra skin

Nutra skin: better than botox

We all want to be ‘thirty, flirty and thriving’ successful, moneyed and in control and when magazines said that thirty was the new twenty, were there really sure of what they were saying? Who wants to say goodbye to their baby-skin minus lines, wrinkles and blemishes? Who wants to live a life where they cannot look happily in the mirrors because of the dissatisfaction that they are going to feel at the sight of their sagging, dull skin devoid of all glow and health? Who wants to look at the skin filled with lines, wrinkles, blemishes, spots and crevices? If you want to possess the skin that you were originally born with, resplendent and radiant, then you might even consider spending a lot of money on surgeries, laser treatments, botox and what not!  But now is not the time to worry anymore, because, nutraskin is here. Where, botox protects the skin from aging, nutraskin actually eliminates all signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

                       Nutraskin promises you healthier skin in just three simple steps. From the very first time that you use it, nutraskin starts the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and it also provides long-term protection by hindering the aging process and maintaining the youthful radiance.

Why you should use nutraskin:

It is quite well known that skin is actually made up of three distinctive layers. Whereas, most products only work on the top most layer of the skin, nutraskin, penetrates deeper and works on a cellular level.

  • Epidermis: This is the topmost layer of your skin which is visible to everyone around you. This is the layer of the skin which is prone to wrinkles and fine lines. With aging, this layer becomes dry, cracked and dehydrated, looking as if crevices have appeared on the surface. This is because the ability to retain moisture diminishes. Even you have oily skin you must never confuse sebum with hydration. While using the formula of nutraskin, it retains 1000times more water that it could previously hold and makes your skin smooth and healthy.
  • Dermis: This is the layer of skin immediately under the epidermis. This is the largest layer among all the layers of skin, because all the nerve ending and veins are present here. While most products simply reach the epidermis layer and work on an outer level, nutraskin is one product which reaches the dermis layer and thus works on a cellular level to repair damaged, dehydrated skin.
  • Hypodermis: The third layer of the skin, it is also the smallest layer. However, this is also the most important. Hypodermis is the layer of skin which produces collagen, the protein which is found in connective tissues and which is responsible for making the skin look young and flawless. However, collagen production depletes with each year of our life, thus making sure that lines and wrinkles begin making their appearance on our skin. Nutraskin, reaches the hypodermis layer and with its powerful all natural formulation elevates collagen production. An elevated level of collagen means an elevated production of elastin and in turn a healthy skin devoid of lines and wrinkles. It also repairs damaged skin.


Cucumber fruit extract

Mineral oil

Hydrolysed oil.

Ginseng root extract.

Acetyl hexa-peptide 3.