Luminescent skin serum

Luminescent Skin Serum: Your Guide To Flawless Looking Younger Skin

All of us are born with flawless impeccable skin which is soft to touch and feels like butter. As we grow, naturally our skin undergoes a number of changes, which renders it deprived of its nascent luminosity. On top of that we encounter severe pollution and the extremely harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun which almost leaves our skin stripped of its moisture, breaking down the natural immune system and adding fine lines and wrinkles on our skin far sooner than they would appear naturally on our skin otherwise. Also, the added stress of our lifestyle including smoking and alcohol consumption definitely takes a toll on our skin whether we like it or not. So what can be done? Surely we cannot give up on our lives and simply go on living indoors as recluses? That simply sounds preposterous! And why should you have to worry so much when you can simply take care of it all with luminescent skin serum? This is a specially formulated serum which hydrates, soothes, replenishes and rejuvenates tired, morose skin giving you back the skin you once had and you still deserve- devoid of any acne or marks or tiredness or any wrinkles or fine lines and dullness.

Moreover, by our mid-twenties the production of collagen and elastin rapidly diminish to make way for crow’s feet, fine lines, crevices and wrinkles. This is where luminescent skin serum comes into play. It actively works to combat the heat of the sun, dust, pollution and other external impurities and rapidly brings about a healthy change to acne prone, textured skin. It gives you a soft, healthy glow that you always wanted

Why luminescent skin serum works:

One thing that plays a huge role in any skincare item is the ingredient that goes in its formulation.  Where many skin care brands use ingredients that sometimes leads to side effects, luminescent skin serum has all natural ingredients and its formulation has been tested in the FDA labs to maintain standards. This is completely devoid of any harmful, artificial fillers and chemicals or even synthetic compounds to harm your skin. The most active ingredients in this serum are basil leaf which works as a toner, extracts of blueberries, haloxyl, minerals, all essential vitamins and natural peptides to boost the elasticity of the skin.

The serum focuses on the restoration of a damaged face from the very first time it is applied. It eliminates impurities from the skin making it glow from within. It improves blood circulation and has a solid impact on scarring thus leading to a cleaner face.

What are the benefits of the luminescent skin serum?

  • It has a butter-like emollient texture which softens the skin, providing it with ample hydration without making it greasy.
  • It maintains the ph balance of the skin.
  • It reduces any visible scarring or redness.
  • It boosts collagen production.
  • It gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles giving a healthy, younger looking skin.

Luminescent skin serum