Of all the anti-aging creams that are available in the market, Lumanelle Skin Care serum is perhaps the best anti aging serum that works truly according to what it promises. Unlike the ordinary creams in the market, this solution is clinically proven and formulated by experts. It helps to remove the dark circles under the eye skin, wrinkles crow’s feet and the lines of face. Moreover, side by side it also works as a moisturizing lotion. It is notified that those who have used this cream for two months they have gained almost five years younger skin.

Function of Lumanelle
The ingredients and components that are used in Lumanelle Skin Care cream are very advanced to give an effective result on the skin. The trained personals have used natural components that have no side effects. After applying the cream in two or three seconds, we can realize the soft and healthy skin. It is has been noticed in several reviews that within just two months, the wrinkle density may decrease by 33%. This product is totally safe and suitable for all types of skin.

Benefits of the product
As a natural and herbal product, it offers many advantages. They are

  • Removes all the spots of dark circles around eyes, furrow lines, wrinkles from your face, crow’s feet and so on
  • Augments the quantity of collagen in the skin
  • Produces the new cells in place of dead cells
  • Provides a fresh,  healthy, bright and shiny skin
  • Helps in skin toning
  • Stimulates the cellular metabolism

Ingredients used in Lumanelle Skin Care Product

The medically proven molecular technology helps to produce collagen and other ingredients that restores the younger look of the skin. The main active components of this cream are: Hyaluronic Acid Molecules, Collagen and Apple Stem Cells.

Hyaluronic Acid Molecules – Helps to repair the damage that is caused by sun and control skin’s natural hydration levels. We can get the immediate effect due to hyaluronic molecules, which smoothens our skin throughout the day.

Collagen – With age, we lose the collagen level of our skin. This product prevents that loss.
Apple Stem Cells – It controls and makes damaged skin cells, to fight aging problem.
Methods of applying this product

The product should be used according to the recommendations or prescription of the doctors.

  • Never apply on the broken skin
  • Those who have rough and dry skin can use the serum.
  • Wash your face before applying it.
  • Message gently while applying it.
  • It can be applied on body, hair and nails.
  • This product should be away from the children.

This Lumanelle Skin Care cream has become popular all over the world and most of the dermatologists have prescribed this medicine. This cream can remove the worries of all the problems of aging and so many women in this world have chosen this product as their regular cream, and all because of its most amazing benefits.smiley11Lumanelle