Lucana eye serum

Lucana eye serum: A Miraculous Eye Treatment, Say Goodbye to Those Wrinkles

Lucana eye serumThey say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but if those windows are bridled with wrinkles then? The area under the eyes is much delicate and sensitive than the rest of the face and as age progresses the collagen production diminishes and the area loses its elasticity which is only further aggravated by sun exposure and environmental pollution and of course the very heavy stress factors in our lives. So how do you thwart it? Eliminate the fine lines? While many opt for botox, many have the financial crunch.

However, a revolutionary product in the field of anti-ageing has been doing the rounds known as Lucana eye serum under eye serum. No need to endure those heavy pain inflicting injections anymore, when the lucana serum effectively rids the under eye area of all possible wrinkles and lines and gives appearance to a healthy lineless skin.

  1. What is lucana under eye serum?

Lucana under eye serum is an under eye serum, that, from the very first application begins to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by firming the area boosting collagen production and making it visibly smoother from the very first application. While many under eye creams are quite heavy and takes a long time to completely absorb into the skin, even leading to the caking of the concealer when applied atop it, lucana under eye serum is formulated in water like consistency. Hence it proceeds to showcase more immediate results. This serum moisturises the under eye area and offers suppleness hindering the puffiness that is generally found. Moreover it effective plumps up the area providing nourishment and makes it look healthier minus the creases.

  1. Why this product?

While most skin care products talk, Lucana eye serum is one product that actually works. It is formulated by using all natural ingredients and has a rich, interesting blend of peptides and nutrients that delve deep into the problem of fine lines.  The serum is packed with the power of phytoceramides, which are the most potent agent of nature in creating a substantial barrier against harmful environmental factors locking in the moisture and eradicating harmful environmental toxins and pollutants

  1. Ingredients:

  2. Phytoceramides: it helps in locking in the moisture in the skin quite powerfully.
  3. Witch hazel extract: it seals in the moisture thus hydrating the skin and captivating the moisture refines the skin for beautifully smooth and radiant skin with visibly less pores. It also lightens the skin.
  4. Chamomile extract: rich in anti-fungal and anti allergic properties and is rich in anti-oxidants and essential oils.
  5. Haloxyl
  6. Matrixyl 3000: it offers long term effective solution to ageing problems. It boosts collagen production and maintains the elasticity of the skin.
  1. How to use the product under eye serum:

Apply a pea sized amount of the serum on clean fingers after thoroughly cleansing the face and let it absorb albeit it absorbs extremely fast.

  1. Benefits:

  2. It enhances collagen production.
  3. It is a powerful moisturiser.
  4.  It eliminates visible wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Lucana eye serum