The most sensitive organ of our body is our eyes and it is an undeniable fact that in order to possess a charismatic beauty it is very important to have shining eyes. But, the dark circles and the fine lines that occurs beneath your eyes not only curbs the beauty of your eyes but also hampers the radiance of your skin. Thus, as the name suggest Hoku Eye Serum is a remarkable skin care product that enables you to cherish the beauty of your eyes. Besides, it is an over all effective anti-aging serum that permits you to have a youthful skin all throughout.

Privileges Of Using Hoku Eye Serum.

  • Decreases wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Helps in opening the clogged pores.
  • Provides smooth and gentle skin.
  • Tightens your skin’s facial tissues.
  • Makes your skin elastic.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
  • Eliminates dark circles and bags underneath your eyes.
  • Gives you a dramatic appearance.

Substances Used In This Product.

Hoku Eye Serum is obtained through an undisputable blend of natural elements and clinically tested ingredients. There are several ingredients used in the making of this product. But the primary composition includes Trylagen which is an active substance that helps in restoring the production of collagen and thus helps in lessening wrinkles and fine lines. It controls the dimensions of fibres and inhibits the degradation of powerful engymes. It helps in strengthening younger and smoother skin. Trylagen also enables reconstruction of damaged cells that allows you to regain your beauty.

Argireline is another element that is used in this product that leads to reduction of expressive lines. It acts as an alternative to harmful injections. It helps in the relaxation of facial muscles. It reacts in the same way as botulinum toxins and is a much safer ingredient to check skin aging. It is also known as an anti-wrinkle peptide that reduced deep wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin smooth and gentle. This hexapeptide also reduces facial contractions.

Pepha-Tight is a naturally extracted active ingredient. It enriches the product because of its instant skin tightening and firming properties. It is a unique element that reacts magically with the texture of your skin and helps in curing all the age marks and enables you to flaunt glowing and spotless skin.

Gatuline Expression is a natural element extracted from Acmella Oleracea, which is a small exotic plant. It mainly provides strong resistance from fine lines and smoothens the surface of your skin by opening the clogged pores. It is absolutely a safe plant extract that reduces visible crow’s feet. It completely prevents the formation of wrinkles. Gatuline Expression has powerful myorelaxing effect. It is an anti-fatigued product that gives everlasting and long term results in terms of aging.

Has no side effects .

Hoku Eye Serum is made of natural substances hence it is perfectly a natural product. If you want to stay beautiful and young all throughout the year then this is an ideal commodity that is capable of meeting all your needs related to the possession of shining eyes and glowing skin that too without any harmful treatments like medical surgeries and painful Botox injections. It is an over all package that can sustain all the desires related to your beauty.