Dermagen iQ

Dermagen iQ Skin Care : A Natural Routine for a Natural Skin

Dermagen iQ Every woman has a desire to flaunt natural looking skin with absolutely no scars, fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin. These signs are noticed when women reach their 30s, as by that time our skin starts losing collagen and elastin causing the skin ailments responsible for skin aging. Some women consider surgeries or visit clinics for procedures such as micro needling, injections etc. But do you know? There is a much better way to bid goodbye to aging problems other than spending your money on stuffs that are expensive but not useful. The way to all such ailments is this skin care regime that comes in form Dermagen iQ Skin Care cream which has been proven beneficial in improving the skin to a whole new standard.

There are more than hundreds of products available in the market with promising benefits, but hardly anything as such occurs, neither have they proved beneficial nor they seem to make even the tiniest of difference. But Dermagen iQ is an anti-aging cream which fights away the decreasing level of collagen and elastin. This cream contains antioxidants and increases the level of collagen to regenerate the skin cells; increase in elastin levels to add firmness to the skin which fights away wrinkles, fine lines and enriches the moisture level. It is a luxurious and high-quality cream which if applied on a daily basis and as advised has maximum positive benefits for a smooth skin. The entire formula has been made out of natural ingredients with no side effects at all.

Benefits of Dermagen iQ Skin Care Cream

Dermagen iQ cream improves the skin cells, regenerating the ones that are not so active, repairs the dead cells so that it becomes very easy to remove dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. With this cream, it is relatively easier to get rid of all such ailments provided it is used as a daily skin care regime. Its principle to boost up the collagen level helps fight back wrinkles.

Keeping one’s skin hydrated at all times is a tough task because usually we forget to keep ourselves hydrated, later comes the skin. A healthy skin is a skin that is free of all aging problems and if it’s not then there is this skin care cream which helps in hydration. This cream is made of natural oils because a dry skin lacks moisture and without moisture one cannot retain hydration. With its elastin enriching feature the firmness of the skin is retained along with the moisture that is somewhere lost because of pollutants in the environment. So, use this cream to treat water loss and to bring it under control.

The antioxidants in this product protect the skin from radical damages, also known as oxidation stress. They contain free radical molecules to fill up the missing electrons in a skin so that there are no fine lines on a skin. As such lines depict aging of a skin making one look much older than her age.

Dry skin also leads in making the texture of the skin look rough, to which Dermagen cream works best. Its daily usage is going to give your skin a very smooth texture and your skin will become soft. Smooth texture thereby also enables a moisturized skin.

Ingredients of Dermagen iQ :-

All the ingredients that have been used in this skin care cream are of the finest quality. They have been extracted from natural sources and have been formulated by experts after repeated experiments so that it is effective on a skin offering multiple benefits. They are as follows:-

  • Vitamin C: –Vitamin C is an important and well-known element for a skin that benefits a skin in number of ways. It produces collagen in maximum quantity for a smooth, wrinkle and dark circles free skin. Vitamin C as an ingredient in this skin removes spots, scars and fine lines. Vitamin C is antioxidant in nature so it also removes radical damages that occur in a skin.
  • Glycerin: – Glycerin is one effective ingredient in this skin care cream that promotes hydration and retains moisture. Glycerin is known to maintain a balance in the water level so that the water loss that occurs in the skin is eliminated and a healthy glowing skin is what you get.
  • Cucumber Extract: – Every woman knows that cucumber is what we use to remove dark circles by peeling them in two circles and placing them under our eyes, but what if we say that this cream has fresh cucumber extracts to help the skin remove dark circles and puffiness. Cucumber also has the property of maintaining water levels and enriching moisture.
  • Vitamin E and other minerals: – This skin care cream has important minerals like Vitamin E and various minerals like Sulphur and potassium to improve the texture of the skin making it smooth as well as soft.

Usage:- Using Dermagen iQ is no big thing because it has been formulated to be used as a daily skin care cream to make your skin improved and enriched enough to fight away all skin ailments responsible for aging. It should be used in the following manner:

  • First of all, clean your face well not just with water but with a cleanser or a face wash after you have come back home after a long day outside to remove all the pollutants that sticks to the skin.
  • Squeeze some cream so that it can be applied on your skin in a thin layer and leave it until properly absorbed by the skin.

You will get to see the results in a few weeks if you keep using the cream in the above mentioned way that too daily, the skin is bound to change within a few applications.

Side Effects, if any:-

Dermagen iQ skin care cream as far as reviews and usage are concerned has no side effects as it has been formulated with finest quality natural ingredients so use it without any worry as you can completely rely on it to experience a naturally beautiful skin.

Dermagen iQ